Our story began almost forty years ago, when Westco opened a small warehouse unit in Oldham, Lancashire in 1977.


Quickly developing a reputation for friendly and efficient customer service, Westco soon launched one of its first iconic products; the Cosmos radiator valve, which was the only valve in the industry at the time to offer both wheelhead and lockshield tops.

Over the coming years, the business cemented its position as an innovator, moving with the times and introducing a continuous stream of new, sleekly designed, labour-saving items. One of our most popular product lines, the Westherm thermostatic radiator valve, has been updated many times over the decades, with the latest version, the Westherm 6, proving just as popular and well designed as the very first Westherm, all those years ago.

In 1997 Westco acquired plumbing parts specialist, Dewhurst Distribution. The expansion of our product line and the continued success of the business led to the decision to move in 2001 to our current 57,000sq ft warehouse and distribution centre in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

We swiftly added our own state-of-the-art packaging plant for our bagged products and continued to grow; supplying over 5,500 products to more than 3,500 independent and national accounts across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Subsequently acquired by French Industrial Group COMAP in 2000, we were later procured in 2006 by Dutch industrial specialist Aalberts Industries.

And from here our business went from strength to strength.

On 1st September 2018, COMAP UK Ltd changed its name to COMAP UK Ltd.

This change brings Westco firmly back into the COMAP family, after initially being purchased by the French Industrial Group 18 years ago.

This change is much more than a simple name change. It is a tangible sign that our company is the sole representative in the UK of COMAP Group’s thermal and sanitary efficiency solutions and part of the network boasted by COMAP in more than 20 countries.