The COMAP Group: a key generator-emitter thermal interface supplier dedicated to improving building performance.

For over 60 years, COMAP has been building up its expertise in plumbing and air conditioning systems. Connection and control solutions by COMAP reduce overall energy consumption in buildings while optimising comfort and safety. COMAP also sells water solutions, with a wide range of taps and mixers, along with various types of non-chemical water treatment devices.

COMAP is therefore the only large-scale international industrial designer and manufacturer able to offer all thermal generator-emitter interface solutions: a wide, innovative offering developed and made in Europe in the Group’s research and development offices and factories (France, Germany, Spain and Italy). It covers all market needs and can efficiently make high-performance and long-lasting bathroom & kitchen, heating and air-conditioning installations.

COMAP is a European industrial group operating internationally. It has a sales network in over 20 countries, employs about 1000 people and is part of the Aalberts Industries Group (AI) NV which had a turnover of € 2.475 bn in 2015.